Sponsorships 1536x864 - 28 Day Challenge Lifeline
Somewhere in Australia, there is a new call to Lifeline every 30 seconds. Last year they received over 1 million calls to their Crisis Line – 13 11 14 1 in 5 calls went unanswered.
They Need Our Help. Will You Be the Answer?

28 day challenge for $99

Code 5 Fitness is offering a 28 day fund raising challenge at the discounted rate of only $99 (original price $149)! Every cent of the $99 will be donated back to Lifeline Northern Beaches! So get involved and help raise money.


☑️A Coach for Support and Guidance
☑️Weekly Accountability
☑️Unlimited Training
☑️Nutritional Guidance
☑️Access to Meal Plans & E-books


☑️Weight Loss
☑️Increase Energy
☑️Increase Strength
☑️ New Friends and to Become a Part of a Friendly and Fun Community