Chris Transformation

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My life has completely changed since joining the gym. Back then I partied a lot, drank a tonne and just didn’t really care about my health. All my friends were super sporty and athletic looking, and I saw myself as the chubby one in the group. I really wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Since joining the gym, I have learnt so much about health, nutrition and exercise, things I was completely oblivious to before I joined up. My life now has balance and structure to it, and I have received some amazing results. I have now lost 20kgs and am fitter and healthier than ever before. My life has more balance and structure to it, and it has also positively impacted my mental health as I am way more comfortable and confident then I was before.
The gym has helped me out so much and the community within the gym is amazing. Everyone from the coaches to the gym members encourage each other, and although the sessions are tough and will push you, the vibe within the class is electric and really makes it easier to keep coming back and to train consistently. My word of advice for anyone that is looking to better their fitness and/or health, is to give Code 5 a go. Accomplishing goals such as fat loss, muscle gain or anything like that is hard and a lot of it is up to the individual but having the support from the coaches and other gym members makes accomplishing goals much more achievable.


– Chris Graham