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From Youth Athletes, Adults & Team Performance Coaching. We take the everyday athlete to the next level in their performance- through training, mindset coaching & nutrition. We work to create a space in the gym, on the field or court that offers an experience like no other. We do this by providing support, encouragement and guidance where we believe in the athletes so they built on their strengths & weaknesses to perform at their best. Every athlete deserves a dedicated coach who truly cares so they can strive for their goals but also enjoy the process along the way.

CODE 5 has helped athletes and teams from these sport organizations:

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Steve Tavita

Age 27, from Warriewood has been playing semi-professional rugby league with the Mounties and Belrose Sea Eagles. Steve joined the Code 5 family training under Helen Renner, one of our dedicated sports development coaches. Helen devised a training plan centred around exercise and movement patterns specifically designed to improve Steve’s rugby performance through increased strength and power in the legs. Tailored mobility and conditioning drills were also incorporated into Steve’s training schedule to prevent injuries and pre-condition the body for the Rugby League season.

Kara Williams

Age 19, represents Golf NSW. Working with our sports coach James Ansensi, Kara has been undertaking regular training sessions which incorporate a range of balance and strength exercises to help develop and improve her already powerful, fluid swing. One of Kara’s main focuses has been with single leg work and side-to-side rotation exercises. Her biggest sporting win so far was captaining the NSW All Schools girls team to a win at Nationals, and we’re sure there are many more to follow!

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Stella Campbell

A professional cricketer with the NSW Breakers and Sydney Sixers women’s cricket teams. Stella has been training at Code 5 for several months with sports coach Helen Renner, who has been coaching Stella to help improve her strength, cardiovascular fitness and power through a range of strength and conditioning exercises selected specifically for the gains they can provide on the cricket pitch. Helen has assisted her with specific technical movements in the gym that have enabled her to develop increased power in batting, increased force production in bowling and overall athleticism in fielding.


At code 5 Fitness we have 3 dedicated and accredited Sports Coaches

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Helen Renner

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James Asensi

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Daniel Brown