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Join the Winter Wellness Challenge!

31 days of July purely focusing on you and your overall wellness

An awesome 31 day challenge that will be focused on all aspects of life and encourage us to focus on overall wellness. There will be daily tasks over the month to keep us all engaged in making small changes that will improve our physical and mental health.  There’s still going to be some challenge winners but it won’t be from the biggest physical transformation this time….

How to know if the Winter Wellness Challenge is ideal for you!

With the Winter Wellness Challenge you will learn that It takes only 31 days to see results.
Lose weight and feel like the best version of yourself!

✔️ Because you just found us, or you’ve been thinking about it for too long!

✔️ Fat burning and muscle preserving

✔️ Less procrastination and more results

✔️ Protecting joints and reducing injuries


✔️ You want to train better, feel better, live better!

✔️ Those who want fun classes and engaging coaches 

✔️ If you want to join social gym where you meet new mates!

✔️ You’re not doing anything currently, or nothing consistently, or what you’re doing is just not working.

Challenge Overview

Bonus 1 6 - Winter Wellness Challenge


Download the PDF booklet to the challenge read over and make sure you understand.

Bonus 1 1 1 - Winter Wellness Challenge

train hard

Action the daily tasks and see progress on your physical and mental health.

Bonus 1 2 1 - Winter Wellness Challenge

see results!

Review and reflect on what happened in the last 31 days and what will you continue doing?

Satisfaction money back guarantee! 100% refund if you're not satisfied with what you received in this winter wellness challenge.


We believe everyone should love the way they look and feel, and that feeling great about yourself leads to not only greater health, but greater happiness. Here at Code 5, we believe there are 5 key pillars to a happy, healthy life Community, Accountability, Gratitude, Teamwork and Celebrate Success. Our vision is to use the code to help 30,000 people lose over 5kgs and keep it off for ever.


    Frequently Asked Questions: Answers!

    I know you’ve got questions… and I’ve got answers. We’re totally transparent about how we operate and why!

    Yes, anyone can do the challenge, Code 5 members or brand new members who want to give the challenge a go. It’s a 31-day challenge which anyone can be part of. We cater for all fitness levels, our classes are fun and interactive and the coaches will make sure the more experienced members get the additional push but the newer members get the care to progress slow and steady.  The challenge is focused on overall wellness so you won’t need to hit the gym every day…

    It involves focusing on yourself for 31 days trying to improve your overall wellness. We will have weekly education, tasks to complete over 31 days, unlimited training at code 5, as well as a coach that will be checking on you every single week to make sure that you are focusing on yourself to get the most out of this winter wellness challenge.  You won’t need to spend hours in the gym, we’d suggest aiming for 3 sessions a week but you will be asked to focus on things you might neglect like- recovery for your body, education to be the best version of yourself & spending 5 minutes a day to work on you.

    The cost for the current members are only $15 and the cost for non members is $149 that includes a lot of freebies and bonuses.

    This isn’t a specific weight loss challenge, although there will be a component focusing on weight loss where we help people understand nutrition, and how to fuel their body successfully for whatever they need in life, but the main focus of the challenge is overall wellness in all areas of your life.

    Still Thinking About It? - Consider This

    If you’ve been putting off exercise because you just don’t know where to start… (NEED MORE TEXT)

    ✔️ Exercise Nutrition Tips that boost your hormone balancing fitness faster leo.

    ✔️ Daily FB check-ins with random prizes!

    ✔️ A Live Q & A coaching to get your questions answered. [FB group]

    ✔️  A coach to help you get your mind ready, your schedule set, and tips on how to make the most of the challenge.

    ✔️ Weekly Education 


    ✔️ Relaxed atmosphere, where its not a competition.

    ✔️ We have a Friendly members who say hi

    28 Day Challenge Participant about his most beneficial take away " Joining Code 5 will hands down be the best decision you make!! You will be surrounded by supportive coaches who take the time to know who you are and support you in achieving your goals."

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