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See the stories behind our inspiring transformations

With the help of Code 5 Fitness, these 7 clients learned the fitness and nutrition skills necessary to completely change their mental and physical health and feel on top of their game. Read their stories and find out how our personal trainers can help you achieve incredible results.
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Neil Turned His Health Around At 54.

Neil was struggling to get the whole game of golf and he was totally out of action. He never saw himself as an unfit person until he saw his before and after photos. Now, Neil is not only healthier, fitter, and stronger but he is also sociable and more outgoing. He completely turned into a different person and a big part of it is due to the help of the gym and its community.

Alanah Lost 40kgs And Keeping It Off For Over 5 Years Now.

Alanah was a busy mum struggling with her weight and felt like she'd tried everything when it came to weight loss. Although she was nervous to give the code 5 Fitness 28 a day challenge a go, it turned out to be life changing! Over the next 18 months she trained consistently, monitored what she was ate and saw jaw dropping results, losing over 40kg! Alanah is now fitter and stronger than she ever thought possible and contributes it to the fun sessions and friendly community at code 5, for some reason after years of being scared of the gym she now loves it!
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Watson Restructured His Life For The Better.

Watson's usual routine before was only working, eating, and drinking a ton of alcohol. He went from 85kg and after a while, I blew out to 116kgs. He was making excuses which then led him to end up in the hospital. Being with the Code 5 family, he was able to restructure his life for the better, implementing healthy daily habits that he still lives by to this day. He has now lost 40kg, has gone from 35% body fat to 11% body fat and he is stronger and healthier than ever. The people, the trainers & the environment is one of the biggest reasons why he has been so successful in achieving his goals. Code 5 is his family!

Sally Regained Control Over Her Health And Diet.

Lacking her consistency and discipline, that was Sally before. It was a tough journey for Sally but her coach said she could do it. But joining the gym, she has lost 40kgs now, is more active, and is more focused on her overall health.
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Chris' Life Has More Balance And Structure To It.

Chris used to party a lot, drink a lot, and didn’t really care about his health. By joining the gym, his life now has balance and structure to it, and he has received amazing results. He lost 20kgs and he is now fitter and healthier than ever before. His word of advice for anyone that is looking to better their fitness and/or health is to give Code 5 a go. The support from the coaches and other gym members makes accomplishing goals much more achievable.

Sophie Felt Healthier Than Ever Before.

She almost tried everything which doesn't really work for her and some turned her into a bit of a psycho. She stumbled across Code 5 on a Facebook advert and went along to try the gym out on a free trial. The trainers have supported and encouraged her since starting her trial until now. The gym has a super friendly atmosphere about it and she really looks forward to seeing all the other members each day during her training. Sophie has lost tons of body fat, dropping 14kg of weight, and she felt healthier than ever before.
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From Working Out Alone To Group Training

James never considered doing group-based training and he thought he was happy enough being in his own little gym world. Joining the Code 5 family, he has seen the amazing result. His weight fell under 100kg for the first time in ages and more importantly, he learned to focus on things other than a number on a scale.

*DISCLAIMER | Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Timeframes for results are not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!


We believe everyone should love the way they look and feel, and that feeling great about yourself leads to not only greater health, but greater happiness. Here at Code 5, we believe there are 5 key pillars to a happy, healthy life Community, Accountability, Gratitude, Teamwork and Celebrate Success. Our vision is to use the code to help 30,000 people lose over 5kgs and keep it off for ever.