Niel’s Transformation

Neil transformation1 300x300 - Niel's Transformation

Before the gym I was low on energy and not a very active person. I struggled to get through a whole game of golf and I never really saw myself as unfit until I saw a before and after photo of myself. Since joining the gym, I have become an extremely active person, getting through a game of golf is no longer a challenge and I have been able to accomplish so much. I’ve now lost 28kgs and I have completed activities such as True Grit twice and the Sandhill Warrior four times which I wouldn’t have been able to do back before I started training.

I would strongly suggest for anyone and everyone to give the gym a go. Not only am I healthier, fitter and stronger than ever before, I am now more outgoing and sociable. I have a new zest for life, and I am now a more fulfilled person. The person I am today is completely different to the person I was before and a big part of that is due to gym and the community within the gym.


– Neil Curtis