Sally’s Transformation

Sally 300x300 - Sally's Transformation

My weight loss journey started back home, in the UK. I struggled to walk up-stairs without getting out of breath, so I invested in a Fitbit and got walking! When I arrived in Australia, my good friend was a personal trainer, so I started doing some boxing classes and one on one personal training.
I always yo-yo’d, so the obvious things lacking were consistency and discipline. I loved my social lifestyle, however that had created a lot of unhealthy habits. When I was in the ‘diet’ side of the yo-yo, I was rarely happy. I used to go to a gym, hit the cardio machines and not leave till I’d burned 1k calories. I then ate soup for dinner, which meant I lacked energy, felt miserable from being hungry and deprived myself from anything which was ‘bad food’. I also developed an unhealthy relationship with the number on the scales. I weighed myself most days and if it ever went up, I used to starve myself. My body demanded more food so then I would eventually give in which led to over eating (which would make me feel better).
Throughout my fitness journey there were a few key moments or events that got me to where I am today. The first was when I was working hard for a promotion in my job, my boss had said that while I worked well, he was unsure if I’d be able to maintain that level and see projects through to the end. Knowing that I had been trying to lose weight, he referenced this as a good way to prove everyone wrong. I set up a walking club at work, worked with my boss to get employee discounts on Fitbits, set up ping pong leagues outside of work and then after a few months we had a great community of staff who were all trying to get the most steps. There were stages, I wanted to go back to my old ways, but because everyone kept each other accountable I managed to maintain what I was doing.
Another pinnacle moment is when I joined Code 5 Fitness. Just after joining, Code 5 had organised a Sandhill Warrior event. I really wanted to do it, but I was terrified that I wasn’t fit enough or be able to keep up. Doubts crept in, as I had no confidence in myself. After speaking to my coach, she explained it would be tough, but she thought I could do it. Having her believe in me was huge. I took the plunge and while it certainly pushed me, just completing it gave me so much confidence and self-belief that I felt unstoppable. I didn’t realise that I’d put myself in a box and with the help of my coach, I was able to see that anything was possible, and I haven’t doubted or looked back since.
Since joining, I have lost 40kg, reduced my visceral fat below 10 points and have increased my overall strength, now benching 72.5kg, squatting 90kg and deadlifting 120kg. Not only that, I am now more active than ever. Since the Sandhill Warrior day I have now completed a triathlon, the spartan race and a number of fun runs such as the City2Surf and Pub2Pub.
These days I am less focused on the number on the scale, rather more focussed on my overall health and how active I am. I’ve been able to make lifelong friends at the gym, starting up our own running and coffee club and I am to continue to get involved in more health/fitness related activities such as fun runs, lifting competitions and different endurances races like run swim runs and Tough Mudder.
Code 5 has seriously ticked all the boxes. If you have specific fitness goals, weight loss goals, life goals or want to hang out with some awesome people, this is the gym to go to. You get the best training by experts who are passionate about what their job and they genuinely want the best for the clients.


– Sally Gray