James Polson

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Before joining Code 5 I went to your standard 24hr gym and had never really considered doing group-based training. At the time I thought I was pushing myself and that I was happy being in my own little gym world until I experienced the environment at Code 5. A big breakthrough for me was getting involved and doing my first group class as well as attempting new lifting techniques such as deadlifts and squats.
Since joining, I have seen some pretty awesome results, especially over the last 12 months. My weight fell under 100kg for the first time in ages but more importantly, I learned to focus things other than a number on a scale, such as my body fat content and muscle mass. Now, I can lift heavier than ever before and I now smash some pretty crazy/ridiculous workouts (WOD’s) which I might not have been able to do or was too scared to even attempt before.
My one suggestion for anyone that is working out alone, bored with their current training and/or not seeing the results they are after, come down to Code 5 and give it a go. Would be more than happy to do some burpees with you.


– James Polson