Watson Brown

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Before joining Code 5 my life consisted of working, eating and drinking a tonne of alcohol. I went from 85kg and after a while I blew out to 116kg. I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym for years & although I knew I needed to start back up, my own insecurities & mental health held me back as I was making excuse after excuse which then led me to end up in the hospital. It was at this point I realised I needed to take take some action and sign up to the gym.
Back when I started, my main goal was to lose 30kg which was roughly where my weight was at before it spiralled out of control. I wanted to do this not only for my physical healthy but my mental health as well. I achieved this goal by pure hard work and consistency. With the help and support from the trainers at Code 5 I was able to restructure my life for the better, implementing healthy daily habits that I still live by to this day.
Since losing the 30kg I have been able to keep the momentum going. I have now lost 40kg, have gone from 35% body fat to 11% body fat and I am stronger and healthier than ever.
For anyone looking to join not only an awesome gym but an awesome community that will push you to gain or regain that healthy/happy lifestyle, I highly recommend Code 5. The people, the trainers & the environment is one of the biggest reasons why I have been so successful with achieving my goals (and some). Code 5 is family!


– Watson Brown