Alanah’s Transformation

IMG 3003 300x298 - Alanah's Transformation

Before joining code 5 I was absolutely lost. I was a mum of 2 who thought that was it for me. Back then, I was 127kg and ashamed of my body. Since joining the gym, I have found the ability to move my body in a comfortable environment. I have found the strength and determination through the coaching and education to shape the person I am today.
The biggest breakthrough for me was stepping on t the in-body scanner for the first time. I had hidden my weight and I was quite afraid and ashamed to let one of the coaches, a complete stranger, see it. When the coach reviewed the information from the scan he looked me dead in the eye and told me that there wasn’t anything to be ashamed of and reassured me that this was only the beginning. From that, it instilled so much more confidence in myself and set the starting point in my own health and fitness journey.
Since stepping foot into the Code 5 gym, I have lost 40kg which I have been able to keep off for 2 years now. I am living my best life and have more flexibility as I now know what is good for it and what isn’t. This all came from the education I received from the gym.
I look forward to a happier, healthier future thanks to this gym and I will be eternally grateful for what they have done for me. Their charity events are mind blowing and very heart felt and they are always willing to support a cause that you mention to them because they care about what affects you and others around. They also love celebrating success which is one of their core elements. When I hit a milestone, they celebrated by going sky diving with me. A bunch of other gym goers joined me because they were proud and then my trainers did too because they wanted to support me and celebrate my personal success. Even though it was a crazy idea they got onboard with it and I felt so supported.
Code 5 is seriously for anyone. You might be the skinniest, fittest person on earth, but you might be shy and not feel valid. You could be the overweight mum, or the dad who needs support for his mental health. You can be anyone and I promise you, you will be loved and admired by just about everyone in that gym. The coaches and the other members become your family, your friends and they genuinely care about you and your goals. Big or small, they’re standing alongside you in your own journey.


– Alanah Lovelace