Sophie’s Transformation

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40kg gone forever! It’s been a long journey that’s for sure. After having two wonderful children I put on 20kg and I stumbled down the path of yo-yo dieting, you name the pill, diet or shake, chances are that I’ve tried it. All the things I tried weren’t really working for me and some turned me into a bit of a psycho. Luckily, I had a great support team behind me with my best friend and husband and our two kids. I have been to big gyms in the past and have had some amazing Personal Trainers. I find that it’s always the smaller, more personal gyms that have inspired me to get up and work my butt off.
I stumbled across Code 5 on a Facebook advert and I went along to try the gym out on a free trial, and I have been at the gym ever since. The trainers have supported and encouraged me since starting my trail until now. They are always checking in to see how I am going with my nutrition down to how I am sleeping and how I am mentally. I have also made lots of wonderful friends along the way as the gym has a super friendly atmosphere about it and I really look forward to seeing all the other members each day I train.
Since joining I have achieved some amazing results. I’ve lost a tonne of body fat, dropping 14kg of weight and just recently I completed the sandhill warrior day which is 2.5 hours of running and crawling up massive sandhills. Before the gym I found it difficult to go back and forth to the car. I feel healthier than ever before, I look forward to heading into the gym each day and I have made some amazing friends.
Huge thanks to Code 5 and the trainers!


– Sophie Bates