28 Day Challenge

The 28 days challenge is the best way to take action for your health without the worry of a long term commitment. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you are stepping into a gym or the most experienced of gym goers, we have a wide variety of classes and trainers who will ensure you get the right workout for you.


On your first appointment we show you around the gym and run through a goal setting session that helps us create a plan for you to follow over the 28 days. This is a personalised experience that works around your current lifestyle habits to ensure you can still get an amazing result but without extreme change.


    What you learn….


    We teach you how to ditch the strict meal plans and crazy diets. It’s all about flexible dieting at Code 5 and we will guide you over the 28 days to learn and adopt our methods so you can live a long and healthy life at your goal weight.


    You’ll learn how fat loss works and why in the past you’ve been maintaining or gaining weight when you thought you were eating ‘healthy.’



    Do you need accountability?


    If you struggle to get and keep results then this is the right place for you to start as you get a coach who has your back every step of the way. So if you want support, guidance and accountability then this is the challenge for you.



    Rest easy…


    Just to keep your mind at ease of course we’d love to have you join the gym long term but we understand we don’t suit everyone.  So that’s why after the 28 days you can decide if you want to join the code5 family or not. If we are a good match then lets continue the relationship, if not that’s okay too.



    Are you nervous…


    This is very common when members start but we promise we are the friendliest gym in the world! So in that bold statement if you want to lose weight, feel better, get more confidence, create healthy habits but can’t find the motivation to do it alone- please try our challenge and let us trainers, and our current Code 5’ers become your motivators! Let’s make you our next success story!



    What you get:


    • Unlimited access to our classes
    • Accountability coach
    • Nutritional guidance & support
    • Goal Setting session
    • Myzone Trial (hear rate monitor)
    • New training friends


    manly bombers - 28 days challenge

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    buckley - 28 days challenge

    Manly1 - 28 days challenge

    Wolves - 28 days challenge