Warriewood Gym

In April 2017, Code 5 Warriewood opened it’s doors to the Pittwater community. Right from the start, a friendly community blossomed within the gym. It’s created a supportive culture you’d find hard to match anyway and has allowed for lifelong friendships to form. The gym location is ideal with ample parking around Vuko place, as well as a split level gym to make the classes private, fun and intermit – so you always get support and technical help when needed.


    Warriewood Address:

    2/5 Vuko Place
    Warriewood NSW 2103


    I have to say Code 5 is one of the best gyms I have been a member of. The workouts are tough but fun and always different. The atmosphere is great and everyone is so supportive and I love the banter! I have lost 16kgs and am stronger and fitter than I have been for a very long time. Riley, Lily and Dave are all passionate, knowledgeable and amazing coaches, thank you all and thank you Code 5.Debbie
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    Debbie J.
    I’ve been coming to Code 5 for 8 years. Such a great gym and community to be a part of.I am part of the strength and conditioning program with Riley as my coach. I’ve seen leaps and bounds in my physical development and technique. Also great knowledge about nutrition. Couldn’t speak more highly of this gym.
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    Cassie V
    Lily and Riley made it fun and challenging. I would 100% recommend this session to my friends
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    Dylan G.
    Great gym, very welcoming and awesome trainers.
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    Pat B.
    I had the most amazing experience at Code 5!My favourite classes were with Coach Riley (the strength sessions). I was truly blown away by his knowledge and effort to understand my fitness, my injuries and my goals.The classes are so well structured and I LOVED the programming.As a PT myself, I am super picky about where I train and I’d recommend Code 5 to anyone who is keen to train in a supportive environment with great coaches and sound programming.Love your work team!
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    Sophia H.
    Incredible Gym. Great coaches and a really nice community. I love the S&C program - I would definitely recommend it!
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    thomas a
    Love this gym. I have been here for 3 years and have become so flexible and strong. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do the weights I can do, or have such a positive body shape for my age.The trainers are excellent; encouraging and highly educated.The tribe I train with ❤️
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    Viv G.
    I truly appreciated how Jack checks my form. I never once worried about injury. 💪🏻💪🏻
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    biloy I.
    We love the new look too! See you guys soon!
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    Code 5 Warriewood has been a fantastic place to train. Classes cover a variety of formats so you'll never get bored and you're always surprising your body. The trainers are highly involved in your journey, motivating and always making themselves available to assist. I have found that having access to an InBody scan machine, Club Challenges and the ability to connect and monitor your heart rate with a MyZone band has been really motivating.
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    Laura T.
    Code 5 has been one of the most welcoming gyms i have ever walking into. The S&C coach is very knowledgeable and can help anyone get stronger as well as upstairs coaches making poeple fitter.
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    Riley A.
    This gym is truly 1 of a kind! Code 5 Warriewood is such a great community and I feel so at home and so comfortable in these classes. I'm already starting to see progress and I can't wait to continue. 5 stars for sure!
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    Grace C.
    Very friendly gym, instructors are very supportive as is everyone using it. Classes are good, well structured and thought out.
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    Jon F.
    Cannot recommend this gym highly enough! The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and very attentive. The community as a whole is very welcoming and supportive, such an awesome group of people. The classes are well structured, with a great variety, that are guaranteed to get results.
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    Great gym for all ages and fitness levels.
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    Leanne B.
    Great gym with a community focus, friendly and approachable coaches who have the knowledge to improve form, motivate and encourage reaching your goals. Wide selection of classes with start and end items to suit everyone’s schedule. Great value for money, a gym I am proud to be part of, that is inclusive with no egos or attitudes. Convenient location, lots of parking.
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    James W.
    I have been going to Code 5 Warriewood from May 2017. The trainers are friendly & knowledgeable and always very motivating and funI especially like their circuit & strength classes. The equipment is well looked after and regularly serviced. There is also a real family atmosphere which i love. Ronnie is an excellent trainer & manager with a lovely warm personality . I highly recommend this gym to people any level of fitness, there’s something for everyone
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    Deepa H.
    Best gym i’ve ever been to. The classes are the best, the people are so nice and the coaches are awesome. Knowing that I will be in and out in 50mins and getting a good workout in, works so well with someone who has a busy schedule. I cant recommend this gym highly enough :))
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    Julia M.
    Best gym!! Great trainers, really know their stuff and the classes they put together are always dynamic. Highly recommend.
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    Tyler A.
    I cannot rave about Code 5 Fitness enough. Lovely community, fabulous couching and seriously put me through my paces.Love training here !!
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    Maddison H.
    Best gym on the Northern Beaches! The trainers are well educated and supportive, which brings a real positive vibe in every class. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone as the classes/trainers are adaptable to all fitness levels.
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    Alex P.
    Best gym I’ve been to on the northern beaches! Love the community culture and training style!
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    Elarna S.
    Love this gym!!! Such a great community and a vibe.
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    Jade H.
    Great gym, personal service and programming. I get into the gym much more with Code 5 than I ever did with my Fatness First subscription
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    James H.
    Fantastic vibe and training, love the community feel, would recommend!
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    Ruth S.
    Code 5 is a well oiled operation, big variety of classes for all levels and the coaches are the best, always good music too! Getting back into the gym has never been easier!
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    Grant L.
    I normally don’t like gyms because I get anxious but after going to Code 5 I’ve been converted!! The code 5 team were soooo welcoming, encouraging and warm. The classes were amazing and so much fun. Whether you’re a seasoned gym bunny or a newby like me- I cannot recommend Code 5 enough!!
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    Katya B.
    Code 5 is a great gym with a great vibe! Every class is different and challenging! Ronnie has years of knowledge and can really bring the members together while providing a mad session! Highly recommend for people of all stages of fitness!
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    Georgia R.
    Code5 Warriewood is such a great gym - there is great sense of community among the trainers and members!The trainers all have their different specialities and interests so whatever your focus is, be it nutrition, strength or fitness, there is going to be a trainer that suits your needs.
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    Caroline W.
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    Olivia R.
    I have been apart of code 5 for almost 3 months and have really enjoyed my experience! All the trainers have been so encouraging and supportive. I have felt a real improvement in my strength, wellbeing and confidence from when I first started.
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    Jesse W.
    I joined Code5 prior to my having a big birthday, intent on getting back into shape, on the advice of a friend who attends. Since that time I have found all of the trainers to be outstanding! Ronnie, the new manager is fantastic, Hels, Hayden and Ruth are all great, always friendly with a smile, checking in to see how I’m going and offering advice as to how I’m progressing. Always encouraging me and just being downright awesome humans.I’m now attending 5-6 times a week and loving the community and welcome atmosphere that Code5 has created. Thanks guys
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    Shendelle T.
    I have been training with code 5 Warriewood for around 2 months. It is the most enjoyable and rewarding training I’ve ever done. I look forward to it every morning. Great community of trainers and clients.
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    Doug F.
    If you are looking for a gym with a great atmosphere, supportive and fun then Code 5 Warriewood is the place for you. The trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating. Give them a call for a trial today you won’t regret it!
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    Siobhan T.
    I've been training at Code 5 Warriewood for many years and keep coming back almost daily because of the great staff, the great members, the friendly banter and the support we give each other. I highly recommend this Gym because it is more than a Gym as it is a Community.
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    Anton K.
    Code 5 Warriewood has great trainers who really help you meet your physical goals, in a friendly community atmosphere. Join you'll enjoy it....(Update) Now after over 2 years of training at Code5 still recommend this exceptional gym.
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    Dave Gibbons (.
    I have been going to code 5 for several years now, I love that every class is different and challenges you in a different way. The trainers are amazing, everyone is really friendly and there are no mirrors 😆. I never thought I’d love exercise or a gym this much, I look forward to every session !
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    Emily K.
    Code 5 Warriewood has become my second home, professional approach, very experienced trainers and amazing energy, I could not choose better.❤️
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    Alicja C.
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    Nicole S.
    Such a good atmosphere here and the classes are the perfect mix of strength and cardio. The trainers are motivating and come up with really fun and challenging programs. Ronnie especially has been so helpful with memberships and runs the best classes - always enthusiastic and pushing us hard
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    Jade B.
    Best gym in town! Friendly environment, very educated coaches and warm community. Best place to burn those fats with an awesome support crew! 😊
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    Aivy May S.
    Highly recommend this gym it has an overall high Energy and vibe. The workouts are challenging and very fun. Ronnie the trainer has such good knowledge and is very helpful with the exercises with great energy and enthusiasm which makes the workouts so much fun!
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    Tom O.
    Absolutely love the training! There was variation to keep things interesting and Ronnie always brings her enthusiasm to convince you on those last few reps. I look forward to many more training sessions to come!
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    Sophie S.
    I've been at coe5 warriewood for about 5yrs now. The team at warriewood code5 so amazingthey go above & beyond to help you achieve your goals they look out of you also help support people with depression. Should all come try out their free 28 day challenge pass the results you will achieve within the 28days will astound you. U will make some pretty amazing long lifetime friends here like have!Code5 Warriewood Ambassador Chookie
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    Carly F.
    Convenience at its finest. Always have been a shy person when it comes to working out with other people but the vibes from Code 5 are just something else! Thank you.
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    Irish J.
    This is my second month with code5 and I feel great. I have to admit thatthis is my second home now.Coaches are very professional and friendly and the most important- numbers are falling.🤗
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    Alicja C.
    Really great team environment, all the trainers are super nice and encouraging! Have enjoyed every session and always felt welcome at code 5, definitely recommend :))
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    Mikayla S.
    Too Anybody looking to join a gym......I cannot recommend the team at Code 5 Warriewood. The classes are first class and continuously updated, the trainers are all outstanding and go that extra mile to help set your goals and make them achievable and you will see results if you put the effort in (I HAVE). They check in with you and push you to get the maximum out of the hour your with them each day. This was the best decision i have ever made a year ago
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    michele M.
    I love my experience here! From the work outs, to the amazing coaches! Always have been shy when it comes to working out with other people but the vibes from Code 5 are just different
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    Eyah P.
    WhatsApp Image 2023 07 11 at 2.42.40 PM - Warriewood


    “Hi, my name is Liz, I initially lost 20kg to achieve my goal weight, however despite continual training I eventually regained 6kg and was struggling to lose it. With the guidance of Code 5 I began PT sessions along with my group training. The trainers altered my workouts, advised me on nutritional plans, and enabled me to not only lose that 6kg, but also maintain it. Now not only am I maintaining my goal weight, but I have also gained muscle where I needed it and I feel toned and energized. Code 5 has proved to be both a fantastic gym but also an amazing community filled with staff and members who are there to support you even on the ‘bad days’ and push me to reach my full potential. I highly recommend Code 5 to anyone that is serious about transforming their body but also gain a family at the same time.”

    “The knowledge and coaching at Code 5 helped me build healthy habits that transformed my body, my strength and my energy levels. The atmosphere is highly positive and motivating due to the constant encouragement and cheers from trainers and my fellow trainees. Training in this gym is much more effective than trying to do this alone as I am stronger, healthier and mentally sharper. I also improved my self confidence and manage stress better. I highly recommend Code 5, their commitment to my success truly helped me achieve my best physique ever!”

    “I’ve been a regular gym goer for some years now and I’ve also tried personal training before… but Code 5 is something different. A Code 5 trainer isn’t sitting next to you, playing with their hand phone as you sweat it out. They are actively monitoring your form, encouraging you, and checking to see if you can up the weight, or whether you’re at your limit. I haven’t seen trainers more passionate and knowledgeable about their field.
    The training program here is detailed and continually adjusted to meet your changing body and needs. Coupled with a strong dieting plan, it’s impossible not to get results. I have recommended many friends to join Code 5.”MEL

    “From the very moment I began training at Code 5 it began to resemble the feeling of home to me. The positive energy at Code 5 motivates you to improve yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.Through the coaches, I have learnt so much about proper diet, body weight management methods, training and living a happy, healthy and balanced life. I may have lost 26kgs but I also gained a lifetime of friendships, something which is immeasurable.I’m glad I found Code 5 and would consider it my best decision ever for my life.”

    * Individual results may vary.


    * Individual results may vary.



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