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1/98 Old Pittwater Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100

Email: team@code5.com.au

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Ryan M.
Code5 Warriewood is a great place to work out! Amazing and very professional coaching staff always happy to help you to achieve your goals! The classes are very diverse, enjoyable and fun! Everyone is very supportive and friendly!Highly recommended👍
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Jerina S.
Code 5 is the best gym on the beaches! The staff and community are so welcoming and push you to be the best version of you 🙂
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Amy A.
Code5 is honestly the most amazing place! I joined the gym a few years ago and had some amazing results, I was so sad when I stopped my membership after moving out of the area. The day I moved back I re-joined the gym that same day. All the trainers are #goals & are absolutely amazing, their endless knowledge and support keep me so motivated, excited to train and reach my goals. The entire community at Code5 Warriewood is incredible and make every day of training something to look forward too!
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Samantha P.
If you're looking for a gym and trainers that really care, this is the one!After spending time out due to an injury, I was really reluctant to head back into gym, especially as I was unsure whether my form was correct or would I just give myself another injury which would put me out for another year. The team at Code 5 have really motivated me to not only go back to gym but enabled me to feel confident that my form is correct and I am achieving my goals. They consistently go above and beyond, reaching out during the week with phone calls, texts or emails to see how I'm going and to see whether there is anything they can do to help me reach my goals. 100% recommend you try them out, you will love it and the Code 5 Community!
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Gabriella W.
Awesome trainers, super positive and encouraging!
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Emer E.
I've been at coe5 warriewood for about 5yrs now. The team at warriewood code5 so amazingthey go above & beyond to help you achieve your goals they look out of you also help support people with depression. Should all come try out their free 28 day challenge pass the results you will achieve within the 28days will astound you. U will make some pretty amazing long lifetime friends here like have!Code5 Warriewood Ambassador Chookie
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Carly F.
Never found a gym so inclusive and supportive! the classes are so flexible and the environment is always a lot of fun! It’s the best part of my day!
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Annie D.
The passionate, encouraging and supportive team at Code 5 has reinvigorated a long lost enjoyment of being healthy and keeping fit. With a huge variety in classes that can (and actually are) tailored to individuals needs and circumstances, the gym is a community that works hard together to enjoy each others success. If you are looking for the spark or motivation to get moving on your fitness journey, no need to look past this crew.
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Tom B.
I have been a member of Code 5, Warriewood for 3 years. Code 5 is not just a place to train.... it’s more like a family. I have met so many great people, who share similar interests and goals. Many have become mates away from the gym. The trainers are well-qualified, they focus on technique & injury prevention. They also bring a great energy to the classes & have fun at work. They genuinely enjoy training people. One of the special things are the community events C5 organise & enter. We’ve done Spartan, True Grit, Pub to Pub, Sand Hill Warrior & Urban Challenge. All these events just add something extra to what is already a great gym. My wife and daughter are also part of the Code 5 community. We train together when we can. If you are looking to get a new lease on your training, and get great results, come and try Code 5.
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Rod T.
I joined code 5 in mid 2019. Best decision! I’ve never been overly motivated to go to the gym... but I’m now keen to go. The trainers are supportive and the works outs challenging. They’re great at mixing it up to keep things interesting and have a friendly, personal approach you don’t get at the big chain gyms.I’ve never been fitter or stronger.Highly recommend!
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Best gym ever. Hugely motivating trainers and a great crowd.
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Sky Blue P.
Everyone is always so welcoming, friendly and makes sure you work hard and get the most out of every session!
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Lisa H.
Code5 has become my second home, I cannot fault the passion that all coaches display through their time, care & communication with their clients, classes are challenging & varied & focus on targeting entire body workouts. Their is a genuine community feel between members & the coaches alike. Hand on my heart I have never experienced such a friendly community like Code5 has! Best money I have ever spent on joining a gym. I actually look forward to getting up & training & have so far lost 5kg in body fat in just a few months. Highly recommend anyone join!
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Kristal Y.
Amazing people and awesome environment to train in! People of all capabilities and fitness levels, it is by far the best place to get yourself into a healthy lifestyle :))
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Julia M.
I have never been much for the group training but really wasn’t getting the results pushing myself to the gum under my own workout have really enjoyed the environment, easy to fit in and and makes such a difference having the accountability and support. Highly recommend
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Nick R.
If you’re looking to join a gym but your not necessarily a self motivator, this is the place for you. The coaching team are exceptional and will always help you to hold yourself accountable. The classes are always tough but fun and interesting and the other members are friendly, supportive and inclusive. Great for beginners through to the super fit. Just a great place to work out!!
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Alitia S.
Best gym EVER! I joined in late 2019, and have gone from a person who hated exercise to now doing two sessions a day. Going to code 5 is the highlight of my day - and I don’t think I’d be up at 4:30am everyday for anywhere else! Thank you amazing people for helping me lose 16kgs! WOO
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Dominique M.
Probably one of the best gyms I've been to. Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and are always happy to help. Great range of classes and equipment. A+
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Anna J.
I love this gym, it has a great community vibe and friendly coaches that know how to train and motivate a class of people well.
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Dave S.
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Barinder K.
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Dave G.
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andrew M.
Fantastic gym. Great community.
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Nick K.
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Uniendo Cielos y T.
Jack, James and the rest of the team at Code 5 are great. They’ll push you to make good progress while being super friendly and creating a great community vibe.
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Aly A.
The trainers of Code 5 Fitness are extremely welcoming and always go beyond what is expected. Declan has continued to help me towards reaching my goals and motivated me daily!
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kel _.
From the trainers, and members, to the equipment provided, everything is 5 star. This is not just a gym, it is a positive lifestyle enabler. It truly becomes your friend and motivator.
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Alison C.
best community ever 🙂 getting in shape never has been so much fun, caring coaches, tailored accountability every week from a coach and good banter in every session and a good sweat
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Helen R.
Great professional and friendly team @ Code5, Brookvale. Highly recommended
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Jonas P.
What a great work out, great staff and easy system to book in for a class that gets your heart pumping
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Jamie-Lee M.
Having had some time off with an injury, I was nervous about starting a new gym. The coaches were amazing! Workout are fun and challenging, and they always alter things to suit your injury.best gym I have been to in a long time
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amy M.
Such a caring group of trainers, always willing to help and correct for and technique! A smile is never far away when walking through the doors. Thank you to all the trainers for there help so far!
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Sarah N.
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Alex D.
Personal Service, combination of scientific and real-life actionable approach to fitness targets and plans. Great staff, good classes, great atmosphere and the right balance of 'kick up the bum' attitude with a sensible understanding of individual needs and limitations. Workouts are presented in either individual or group sessions with online booking, real-time HR and intensity displays, all in conjunction with sensible information on health, diet and relationship to exercise. the one and only gym I have encountered to individualy tailor diet and workout plan with a proven scientific approach to yields results.
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Mark W.
Excellent client focused gym! I’m already feeling the benefits of core stabilisation from the small group weights sessions that I signed up to a few weeks ago. Love the set up, easy to park, easy to book! One whole seamless experience. Good value too 👌
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Megan T.
Great gym! The perfect place where challenging sessions, really friendly environment and awsome coaches, are toghether. The sessions are for all levels and the coaches make sure that you continuesly give a little bit more and work for your goals. Love it! 😊
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Belen M.
The structure of the classes is just perfect. The best thing is that I am being able to achieve my goals of getting fit and healthy while I'm also enjoying. I will highly recommend Code 5 and trainers. Great work and environment.
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Andrea A.
Love this community, 2 years now & super proud of how they adapted so quickly & supportively through Covid 19, but very glad to be back in the gym with all the friendly coaches!!
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Fiona B.
Great gym and instructors and vibe. Love it
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Emma T.
Code5 is a great gym to train at. I really enjoy the challenging classes and support provided by the trainers. Would recommend to everyone.
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Mike C.
Such a fun community! The coaches are so friendly and the classes are challenging and fun 🙂
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Jenna O.
The best thing about Code 5 is they deliver what they say. My always go to place. Loved the trainers Jack, James, Ellie and Tenky..
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Saba S.
If you are looking for the best gym on the beaches this is it. Great team, great vibe and they get your heart pumping at 5am to start the day right. Get involved.
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Jonathan W.
Awesome set up, great people. The trainers are top shelf and they did an awesome job through COVID and beyond. I’d been training for a while before joining and needed something new to reinvigorate my motivation. Two years in and I am still loving it with Code 5.
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James M.
This is what you were looking for. A friendly, professional crew that will take an interest in your objectives, be flexible about your contract and who run engaging and effective working sessions. Best start to the day.
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David M.
Love Code 5! The trainers are so friendly and helpful ☺️ definitely the best gym I've been to. The classes are great and you are able to use an Inbody scanner to track your progress!
photo - Brookvale
Freya H
Awesome team and environment.
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Wayne N.
Love code5! had not been to a gym in 35 years so started code5 Balgowlah last year.A great friendly team of instructors who are really supportive, also no gym "scene" just a great place to exercise.
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Steve C.
Best gym on the Northern Beaches! Staff are very friendly and helpful. 😊
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Being an over 55 year old male with osteoarthritis in my right foot and knee I had to give up my Bikram yoga practice after 14yrs, too hard on my knees and foot joints. I needed something to keep the weight off and keep fit. Walking 7km daily wasn't doing it and after 2yrs the weight had crept on!! I initially approached Code 5 to partake in the 28 day challenge. I hadn't been inside a gym in 16yrs, how things have changed! After discussing my issues we worked out the Strength and Conditioning Classes were best for me. No running or jumping ect , but a weight lifting program for 2/3 of the class and challenging cardio for the last 1/3. A great balance. I am now into week 9 having done a gradual build and have dropped around 5 kgs and I am starting to tone up. I go 4 times a week and the 5:15 am class suits. The trainers are professional and offer great advice and encouragement. It's not a posers gym with egotistical roid heads and its very comfortable environment . I thoroughly recommend these guys.
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Dave H.
Best gym on the Northern Beaches, great trainers, love the team at Code 5!! Would recommend 10/10
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Laura M.
Love love love this place. The support and motivation you get as a member of this gym is amazing. They are constantly checking how you are going and offer much support. It’s like having your own personal trainer but in a gym environment
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claire M.
Awesome place to train! I’ve been at Code5 Balgowlah for nearly a year and a half now. I love the friendly community feel - full of people of all ages and walks of life - and the attention the trainers take in your technique and progress. There are options to both strength train (all the main lifts) or enjoy group classes that combine cardio and strength in a fun engaging way, pushing your limits every time! I’ve made great gains in my overall fitness and would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking for a great community and lots of hard (but rewarding) work!
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Nicole R.
Great team - Super supportive environment. It's been a pleasure working collaboratively with the guys at code 5. If you're looking for a tribe as well as a place to reach your goals, take the leap and get down there.
photo - Brookvale
Aron D.
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Ron Joshua G.
best community ever 🙂 getting in shape never has been so much fun, caring coaches, tailored accountability every week from a coach and good banter in every session and a good sweat
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Helen R.
Thank you for being so motivating, correcting my form and helping me come back to life!! Totally recommend to anyone seeking health, fitness and community 🙂
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Kate E L.
I joined Code 5 and was seriously hooked after my first class. Every coach at Code 5 is amazing. They are incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and health, and are extremely passionate about helping people. They have worked tirelessly with me every day, encouraging me, and keeping me accountable to help me achieve my personal goals and more. The results I have achieved have been truly life changing. The atmosphere at Code 5 with the coaches and all the members is uplifting and going to the gym has never been so much fun.
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Natlat 0.
Code5 Balgowlah is where it is at! A friendly, fun and hardworking gym to be apart of. All the coaches are awesome and support you along your journey and goals. My favourite aspect has been the Strength training with Coach James and Ellie!
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Jessica B.
Code 5 is like no other gym. The trainers are all so friendly, accommodating and skilled professionals; the classes are challenging, fun and the results speak for themselves. I joined code 5 seeking a new challenge, accountability, fitness and weight loss and I have certainly hit the jackpot, those kilos are leaving and in their place a wonderful new group of friends and outlook on life, thanks code 5 family 😃
photo - Brookvale
Kate C.
A great place for a workout on the Northern Beaches, whether it’s a PT session or group session. Everyone that attends are real people who are determined and have similar goals.Staff are always friendly & happy to see you for a fun, fast pace workout, which is over within 45mins. You must try their boxing on Wednesday’s.Code 5 are like family, they really care, have your back when you need it, very professional and knowledgeable and can guide you through your health and fitness journey to help you achieve your desired outcome along with smashing set goals!! 💪
photo - Brookvale
Marney C.
Always have a good time. Really great trainers. Lots of variety in the workouts. Finally found a gym I enjoy going to.
photo - Brookvale
Chloe D.
I have been going to Code 5 Brookvale for 5 months now. I set a fitness and weight loss goal which I am achieving with the support of the amazing dedicated team at this gym. A big THANK YOU to Ham for his weekly check ins, his humour, care, persistence and keeping me accountable. It is a friendly and inclusive space, where they make sure that they know your name and why you are there. I am recommending Code 5 to everyone who will listen!
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Camilla M.
This gym is amazing! Code 5 is awesome and the classes are great! The place has an awesome vibe and I highly recommend it.
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Danica A.
I have never been to a gym with a more committed bunch of trainers to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose those winter kilos to be summer ready, or maintaining the rig of an Alpha Silverback gorilla, these guys have the plan to achieve these goals. Couldn’t recommend higher
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alex H.
Best gym on the beaches! The culture and community feel of Code5 is second to none. The trainers are always supportive and motivating which helps push you to achieve your goals. They genuinely love what they do and never stop supporting their clients to be their best selves. Code5 is a friendly and inviting environment for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. So thankful I found this place.
photo - Brookvale
Alanna R.
Really professional environment, with friendly staff and happy community
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Ryan S.
It's a great place to work out! The staff are friendly and helpful and make you feel at home🥰
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piaaa_09 1.
Great friendly place that makes exercising fun and rewarding
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Craig B.
photo - Brookvale
Joanalyn R.
Member for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy the sessions they provide. Engaged, educated and sincerely interested Coaches who keep you accountable. A great atmosphere for all fitness levels where no matter whether your a beginner or otherwise, cater for all where you feel comfortable no matter what level your at. Highly recommend for all ages and fitness levels. Great space, great team and great service. Highly recommend!
photo - Brookvale
John D.
No better way to start your day! From beginners to super fit Code5's daily classes are the best. An incredibly inclusive, diverse, non-judgmental, high energy workout. Trainers works with everyone on their goals at their level.
photo - Brookvale
Aivy May S.
After a month of going here. I look great and I feel fantastic!!!! Code 5 help me reach my goals without breaking me. Made all workouts super fun and educational. Took me through my workouts at my own pace and pressed my limits. All things said, fantastic place and great experience. Will recommend this to everyone!! I will definitely go back to Code 5 for another fitness program 😊
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kim kenneth M.
Can't say enough CODE 5 has a great instructors, goes over everything and shows what exercise you are doing. You will get a great workout, looking forward to coming back 😎
photo - Brookvale
Melvin F.
I have only recently starting training at Code 5 and have only had incredible experiences over my short time. The classes allow for everybody to get involved no matter the age or fitness level. The trainers do an incredible job by identifying each individuals capabilities and being able to push everyone to their maximum independent of their ability.The supportive environment built by the trainers allows all individuals to push themselves towards their goals. By the end of the session the people within the class are supporting each other making for a very inclusive environment. The staff in particular Connor Pettersson have made themselves available by checking inside and outside of the classes. They are incredibly quick in replying to any questions. Without a doubt Code 5 Brookvale is easily the most inclusive and the best gym for customer service I have ever been too.From a training perspective, the plethora of classes they offer allows for individuals to participate in classes that suit them. I have completed a diverse range of classes and every single one pushed my strength and/or cardio to the limit. I never thought I would enjoy classes as much as I have over recent time. You feel like a community at Code 5 and I certainly recommend anyone to have a crack at this amazing gym.
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Tom O.
photo - Brookvale
nick S.
Since joining CODE5 and their group sessions not only have I lost weight but im also putting on muscle, my overall wellbeing is wayy better since being more active I love the atmosphere in the gym and the trainers are all easy to get along with and know alot.
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Jarrad P.
Friendly training environment with great trainers that offer plenty of support and no pressure. Code 5 does the little things others don’t.
photo - Brookvale
Wes B.
Absolutely love Code 5 Warriewood! The classes are fantastic and the coaches are really welcoming and so encouraging. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!
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Jessica B.
I really love the workout formats, I enjoy the fact that you're generally always in a team, it helps motivate me. The staff are amazing and are always willing to offer advice or any assistance where needed. Honestly I enjoy the whole experience!
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Alitia S.
Code 5 Balgowlah is the only gym I’ve ever been to where I genuinely enjoy working out and look forward to going to every day! The trainers are all wonderful and the gym has such a great atmosphere. The best place to be for a fun time and to see results 😊
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Georgia S.
Friendly coaches with high energy / enthusiasm levels. Classes always different. Nice group of people who train. Feeling stronger and fitter and can see a difference in my body, been training around 6 weeks with Code 5 now.... there are people at different levels of fitness in all classes (beginners to pro’s) and classes are suitable for all fitness levels. I’d recommend Code 5 to anyone looking to kick start their fitness journey or try something new.
photo - Brookvale
Zoe H.
I’ve been going to Code 5 for over a year now, it's a great gym! There’s a good variety of classes, whether you’re interested in strength and conditioning, or HIIT style training. Great bunch of trainers who really know their stuff and make the effort to get to know all the members. Overall a really nice community vibe.
photo - Brookvale
Brian M.
I've been training at Code 5 for years & I love this place - couldn't recommend it highly enough! The trainers are knowledgable, motivating, and genuinely invested in seeing you get results. The facility & equipment is high quality, and every workout varies.Connor, the owner, is golden. Top bloke, hands on, & wants to know how each of the members are. A sign of his character are the amount charity days, fundraisers etc. that the gym puts on.
photo - Brookvale
Ben C.
I recently made the switch to code 5 Brookvale after being a Code 5 Warriewood girl for over 3 years.The dynamic in this gym is phenomenal, every day is a new challenge and everyday the trainers are filled with excitement just simply because you showed up.The trainers are so consistent and never let you down, they read cues that you don’t even know you’re giving off, and they support you through every rep and exercise.To me having someone be able to read my struggles without me vocalising it gives me a sense of belonging in the gym. I’m not just another number, I’m a valued member and they always make me feel like the gym is the best place for me.There is so much variety in the gym which of course helps achieve any personal goal :)It’s never a dull time at code 5 Brooky, I’m so happy to be a member.
photo - Brookvale
Alanah L.
Seriously.. after only one month of religiously attending classes at Code 5 Fitness I was in the best shape of my life! Classes are fun and boisterous, loud music and a great friendly team environment! I highly recommend Code 5 Fitness!
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Carla Anjelica R.
I love this gym! The instructors are super supportive, encouraging and friendly. Awesome group sessions and an amazing of bunch people. I love getting sweaty, fit and strong with this bunch!
photo - Brookvale
Adriana M.
photo - Brookvale
Kristle C.
Code5 is awesome - professional, friendly and welcoming trainers and a down to earth crew to train with. Good technical instruction for the strength and conditioning classes.
photo - Brookvale
Andy L.
photo - Brookvale
Moises De A.
Trainers have a lot of knowledge to share, good varied sessions which change regularly. I have increased my strength and fitness whilst enjoying going to the gym as the atmosphere is great.
photo - Brookvale
Madeleine L.
I have been going to Code 5 Balgowlah for over a year now. I was not a “gym person” when I started but the staff and community was so inclusive it made the workout time fun and adjustable to everyone’s different levels. They adapted well for their customers in COVID and now we are all safely back and they continue to push us hard and help us achieve our goals!!! Excellent gym and community!!
photo - Brookvale
Alysia H.
Great gym and I get allot out of these classes! Super friendly trainers which motivate you and provide good positive vibes! Highly recommend. Place is clean and can open up to the outside which is an added bonus to suck in that fresh air! Definitely worth checking out. You won't be disappointed.
photo - Brookvale
David S.
The team at Code5 are so friendly and welcoming, the workouts are always different and the group sizes are never crowded. An awesome training experience with a great variety in classes 🙂 Thanks Jack and team!
photo - Brookvale
Nicola P.
Best gym in Australia! Code5 has created an incredibly warm culture amongst the members and trainers. The results are amazing and everyone is so supportive. I have been a member for years and seen this place grow and never lose its community feel. This place has changed my life. The owner Connor is also a legend looks after everyone and really cares about people!
photo - Brookvale
ST b
After being a member of a large fitness chain for many years I was looking for something new. I love Code 5 classes and have dropped kilos and gained muscle mass in just a few short weeks. The instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and push me in every session. I joined with my teenage daughter who was looking for cardio, strength and conditioning elements as an addition to her main team sports, Touch Football and Netball.
photo - Brookvale
Alex M.
I love Tenzin’s work ethic. He’s always helping out with a smile on his face. 🙂
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Lekchok K.
Great gym and great community, I always look forward to my morning sessions .
AOh14GjXB28SykOkAp8hYDzFV5EzChHPxyhbsX JwNFW g=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Luke C.
Code5 is more than a gym, it’s a lovely little community. All the trainers are great, enthusiastic and just super lovely people.
photo - Brookvale
Leighanne F.
Everything you need to get fit and healthy is located right here. With a professional space, vibrant environment and a supportive community, there isn't anything to not love about this gym. Not to mention the great passionate personal trainers that push you to give it your all while realising each individuals limitations, it's a very welcoming place recommended for everyone.
AOh14GiltpfTLrc9kz4jPD3h5MDJe7a4gPOv1CZRRvIw=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
I’ve been attending code 5 for years now and can truly say, I’ve had a brilliant experience.Great trainers, dynamic classes and a great culture and family style community. Highly recommend joining, you won’t regret it!
photo - Brookvale
Nicole K.
Very good team that looks after each customer. Equipment is up to date and always cleaned to the highest standards. Highly recommended!
AOh14GgjTpKmJA9ClQ5OZtJrPa74 Rt EVx2iyOW0b3r=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Hardy S.
I love the atmosphere in the gym! Everyone is all so friendly, and the trainers know what they’re doing. Definitely one of the best gyms on the northern beaches. 100% recommend to anyone that is looking for a gym to train at!
photo - Brookvale
Jarryd H.
I love this gym with all my heart.
AOh14GjXx9N1C51Rsh9ISjpwCWF4W F 26hNwXtEDe 4=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Tenzin T.
The atmosphere at the gym is like no other! I have been training at code 5 for a year i would never imagine training anywhere else.
photo - Brookvale
declan J.
second home away from home. literally
photo - Brookvale
James A.
best gym! 100% recommend
photo - Brookvale
Ellie A.
AOh14GjXx9N1C51Rsh9ISjpwCWF4W F 26hNwXtEDe 4=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Tenzin T.
AOh14GjDordlyqX7oeQwmsIFUzpHVZIFKdWTMzewzCqr=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Reuben L.
An awesome local gym with great classes and friendly trainers in a welcoming atmosphere. They offer many class times during the course of the day.
AOh14GgOUSAT6mbUCWlpctB36nucvwF7t3c9jhV jjrZsw=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Joseph P.
Code 5 has been an amazing experience which has only been topped by the amount of effort the trainers put in. As someone who struggles with body image and motivation, trainers like Tenzin Tenkyong have not only helped me gain more confidence, but have encouraged me every step of the way throughout my journey. Not only do the trainers make me feel comfortable in a gym environment, but they always push me to put in 100% effort during workouts. I would definitely recommend Code 5 as the relationships that you build with the trainers make you feel more like a family and make the experience that much more enjoyable.
AOh14GhC v mBdRm cCYanCcOGYdIRGW 6 yASsYWI8J=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
tenzin T.
AOh14Ggl1aT5zr TMWnWZAEbIrCVvKgqb5Cso8vpbqOo=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
zara H.
As my own name suggests, I love Tenzin! By far the best instructor at code 5!! Tenzin Tenkyong is a legend known for his hard work and dedication to both the art of pumping iron and teaching his students. Huge respect to the king!
AOh14GhOGODKehyAvXG80WtXWBuZUXWcnuCKPcpbNquP=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Tenzin Y.
photo - Brookvale
Jemimah L.
Code 5 Balgowlah is the very best gym, full of the most welcoming, supportive and caring trainers and members. The workout sessions are fun and engaging so you feel great after every session! You end up looking forward to your code 5 workouts !!!
photo - Brookvale
Maddie A.
Great gym! The friendly coaches are very skilled and help me reach my goals. I love that I can use their inBody scanner at anytime to track my progress.
AOh14Gj860tUs3Em53HoopIuUHzoXAwrVAHPMXwG6MR3gA=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Silje D.
Great community to train and push yourself in
photo - Brookvale
Julia A.
love tenzin so much, his workouts are the best and always so motivating! Thanks tenzin for all the intense workouts and tips! Look forward to continuing this with you.
photo - Brookvale
Kunga P.
Very good atmosphere and I enjoy my time working out here!
AOh14Ghm5pZ6F G30oRD5fJqxJzaDZmMRz7YefAWbNEVhg=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
great atmosphere the staff are all super lovely and inviting. would 100% recommend to anyone wanting a great training environment.
photo - Brookvale
Peter J.
A fantastic gym who love supporting community sport. Knowledgeable trainers who will provide the best, I repeat THE BEST pre-season training sessions you'll ever endure.
AOh14Gg6W0RXFNZg5gfCLLpKdvpnZeb9t8EKJW1OHhcD=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Roseville C.
Amazing staff and amazing Vibes!! Upstairs classes are fire!!!
photo - Brookvale
Matty B.
Too Anybody looking to join a gym......I cannot recommend the team at Code 5 Warriewood. The classes are first class and continuously updated, the trainers are all outstanding and go that extra mile to help set your goals and make them achievable and you will see results if you put the effort in (I HAVE). They check in with you and push you to get the maximum out of the hour your with them each day. This was the best decision i have ever made a year ago
photo - Brookvale
andrew M.
Having been a member of many gyms in different locations I’ve lived, and now attending Code 5 Warriewood for over 12 months I won’t be going anywhere else. The whole ethos of Code 5 and the community it fosters is like no other gym I’ve been part of before. The trainers are so knowledgeable and take a genuine interest in your wellbeing. If you’re a gym beginner or a well seasoned gym attendee you will find you’ll get the results you’re after at Code 5. I highly recommend.
AOh14Gh1IfthKjGQSv2CYIph CLHf00j1 CkON  FX0v7w=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Jenny G.
Code 5 Warriewood has great trainers who really help you meet your physical goals, in a friendly community atmosphere. Join you'll enjoy it.
AOh14Gj tUDbtuWh4 D8hj7SbJwwtc IwUD8fNoC3RmC=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Dave G.
Code 5 is by far the best gym i have been to in a long time and would highly recommend to all fitness levels and ability's. Great friendly trainers and awesome community
photo - Brookvale
Ella J.
I have played sport all my life but have never found a gym that I stuck at ... I would join but after a few weeks I just gave up. I was recommended by a friend to try Code 5 and I was surprised how much I liked it! The sessions are hard , you feel great afterwards, you get variety, you get instructors that are showing you how to do the exercise correctly but are fun and really motivate you. I was given a coach to help me with my nutrition and I feel better and stronger - she really wants to help me achieve my nutrition goals. I couldn’t find a better gym and am so glad I found Code 5!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone !
photo - Brookvale
Margot L.
I just love everything about this gym! How is super kids (and babies haha) friendly, coaches are super duper nice, how there's an awesome focus on mental health, the exercises are always fun and in group. Since I started I improved my health so much! Im not even gonna talk about muscle mass and body fat, but I feel more energetic, having way less migraines, waaay less anxiety issues, it's been GREAT!
AOh14GgeDsN UUa52cEeKWfwIvvIC67iWGJORHTKVMQ6Yg=c0x00000000 cc rp ba3 - Brookvale
lady unicorns X
Love it! Great atmosphere!
AOh14Giv62lkPyGgV8W13If FxZ7yPHzn6jy4MZmcCT2=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Melania A.
I have nothing but good things to say about this gym, I was one of those people that was petrified of joining a gym!! But I was made to feel right at home here, amazing coaches a great laugh and great members too.. I feel so much better with myself for joining and I actually look forward to the classes!! 10/10 for my pure legends!!🤘🏻🤘🏻
photo - Brookvale
cornelius K.
AOh14GhuqRU3pw4m5kGOXjgKz  s9qZOZt4qvvyujhh1Eg=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Training at Code 5 in Warriewood is always fun, but when you follow all the advice it also works - The program isn't just about exercise but about nutrition and wellness too. They have developed a really great online programme too -during COVID 19 we're still working out together like one big family!
photo - Brookvale
Deborah Richardson B.
Awesome, caring and fun team. Always willing to help and are extremely accommodate for injuries and concerns I have had. Always cleaning the gym in between and during sessions to make it as hygienic as possible. Thanks Code 5!
AOh14GjzGapSnK3Zcp6Jvhbv63ATUlXaHgWsrHy4Y4hR=c0x00000000 cc rp - Brookvale
Wayne J.
Have been nothing but impressed with the team at Warriewood! ever since my first session they have been accepting and encouraging me to work towards my goals and helping me reach them in such a short period of time!
photo - Brookvale
declan J.
Huge shout out to the trainers and management at CODE 5 WARRIEWOOD.They are attentive to every aspect of your training from technique, nutrition and motivation making you feel very comfortable of where you are at and excited about where you are heading in regards to your health and fitness. Highly recommend them to anyone just starting out or to the very experienced. 5 *****.
photo - Brookvale
Scott N.
Fantastic community based gym. All members and trainers make you very welcome. Diverse programming that keeps you engaged and can meet any set goal.
photo - Brookvale
Brent T.
An amazing gym where the trainers are attentive and professional. I’ve never actually enjoyed going to the gym prior to starting Code 5 Warriewood, but the community feel and environment makes this place addictive!
photo - Brookvale
Natalie W.
The coaches really care about you at Code 5. You receive constant support and advice on what to eat and how to look after yourself.Everyone is super friendly and working out is fun.We celebrate each other’s victories and pick each other up when a little extra support is needed.There are awesome classes just for kids too.
photo - Brookvale
Donita K.
My favourite gym! The best place
photo - Brookvale
Nika W.
Code 5 Warriewood has changed my life. I’ve been a member of every gym under the sun, and code 5 is unlike any I’ve been to before. The community culture and amazing trainers make for a really enjoyable and fun experience. I’ve recently had a body transformation that would never have been possible without the help and guidance from my amazing trainer Helen. If you are looking for not just a gym but a safe and inviting fitness environment where people actually care about you and your goals, look no further !
photo - Brookvale
curtis T.
A fun intense gym with a great team and vibe
AOh14GgLLgPMIol y0dntNB3b549N7D1aKJBTP3APiXD=c0x00000000 cc rp ba3 - Brookvale
Ben S.
Fantastic gym and coaches are awesome! I have lost 7.5 kilos of body fat and have kept it off for over 12months. I love the Lean and Strong sessions which are weight based and have gained muscle and this has changed my body shape, I feel more confident and stronger! The coaches always keep track of your food and encourage and support you all the way. The sessions are fun too and I have met so many people who are now my friends. Highly recommend Code 5 🙂
photo - Brookvale
Amanda W.
Awesome GymChris the trainer is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Lathem is always keen to give up his time to help me out with nutrition, training and checking up on my dodgey joints and injuries to make sure I’m getting the most of my membership
photo - Brookvale
Lucas N.
Great place for like minded people who want to train
photo - Brookvale
scott N.
Amazing training studio. The trainers were super friendly and helpful. Very professional as well. Highly highly recommend it 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
AOh14Gi8 Tr8nJwcMUuaGzC6yWM ZzKi0h9PSSPtxyFrHg=c0x00000000 cc rp ba2 - Brookvale
Deon J.
Small and welcoming. A bit different to your average gym. Focus on diet and group sessions.
photo - Brookvale
Loved Every Minute of this gymPerfect for a new mummy getting back into training highly recommended this to everyone30 mins of pain for such a great outcomeThanks Sam & Team
photo - Brookvale
Tasman L.
Absolutely awesome gym with amazing trainers that encourage you to challenge yourself and step up your fitness to the next level. I especially love the Lean & Strong small group lifting class that have finally got me deadlifting heavy without pain & boxing.
photo - Brookvale
Lee-Anne M.
Really loving what Code 5 offer! The number of classes, the times available, the atmosphere amongst the members is always encouraging.The coaches are friendly and skilled and most of all REALLY do check in on you and help you keep on track with your goals.I have already recommended to friends and will continue to do so, just wish I could go on the fitness retreat this year!
photo - Brookvale
Barbara S.
Brookvale Timetable - Brookvale


“Hi, my name is Liz, I initially lost 20kg to achieve my goal weight, however despite continual training I eventually regained 6kg and was struggling to lose it. With the guidance of Code 5 I began PT sessions along with my group training. The trainers altered my workouts, advised me on nutritional plans, and enabled me to not only lose that 6kg, but also maintain it. Now not only am I maintaining my goal weight, but I have also gained muscle where I needed it and I feel toned and energized. Code 5 has proved to be both a fantastic gym but also an amazing community filled with staff and members who are there to support you even on the ‘bad days’ and push me to reach my full potential. I highly recommend Code 5 to anyone that is serious about transforming their body but also gain a family at the same time.”

“The knowledge and coaching at Code 5 helped me build healthy habits that transformed my body, my strength and my energy levels. The atmosphere is highly positive and motivating due to the constant encouragement and cheers from trainers and my fellow trainees. Training in this gym is much more effective than trying to do this alone as I am stronger, healthier and mentally sharper. I also improved my self confidence and manage stress better. I highly recommend Code 5, their commitment to my success truly helped me achieve my best physique ever!”

“I’ve been a regular gym goer for some years now and I’ve also tried personal training before… but Code 5 is something different. A Code 5 trainer isn’t sitting next to you, playing with their hand phone as you sweat it out. They are actively monitoring your form, encouraging you, and checking to see if you can up the weight, or whether you’re at your limit. I haven’t seen trainers more passionate and knowledgeable about their field.
The training program here is detailed and continually adjusted to meet your changing body and needs. Coupled with a strong dieting plan, it’s impossible not to get results. I have recommended many friends to join Code 5.”MEL

“From the very moment I began training at Code 5 it began to resemble the feeling of home to me. The positive energy at Code 5 motivates you to improve yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.Through the coaches, I have learnt so much about proper diet, body weight management methods, training and living a happy, healthy and balanced life. I may have lost 26kgs but I also gained a lifetime of friendships, something which is immeasurable.I’m glad I found Code 5 and would consider it my best decision ever for my life.”

* Individual results may vary.


* Individual results may vary.



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