Our Mission

Code 5 Fitness was born in 2015 when two friends came together to create a training sanctuary for anyone who needed help on their health and fitness journey. The goal was to create a welcoming, caring, and encouraging space for all to train in.

The company’s humble beginnings have grown from one small location focusing on personal training, to now three locations across the Northern Beaches that focus on small and large group training.


We are proud…


Proud of our team – growing to over 25 trainers who work full time, part-time and casually, who care for every member and epitomize the codes that shaped our gyms.

Proud of our members – growing to over 1,000  in just four years. Our members do amazing things; things they once thought impossible. From marathons to fun runs, grand finals won and lost, and to life-changing physical and mental transformations. We pinch ourselves every day knowing how many Code 5’ers are out there smashing their goals.


Proud of giving back to the community. Sponsoring events, running charity boot camps, charity balls and charity trivia nights. Over the last 4 years, we’ve raised over $80,000 for a variety of charities and organisations.


Our Mission 


We are on a mission to change 30,000 lives through education and training, guiding them to lose body fat and feel amazing. 


We want to break the mould of what gyms are thought of being a place for ‘fit’ people only. We welcome anyone who is willing to get involved and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.