Our Mission

Code 5 Fitness was born in 2015 with one goal; to create a training sanctuary for anyone needing help on their health and fitness journey. The gym has always been a welcoming, caring, and encouraging space for all to train. Code 5 is more than just a gym to the community; we are one big family that encourages and cares for each other, creating a supportive environment of like-minded people where new friends are easily made, and training is exciting.


Code 5’s humble beginnings have grown from one small location focusing on personal training to three areas across the Northern Beaches that focus on small and large group training. We’re all about keeping you engaged towards achieving your goals with clear target setting and progress tracking, as well as helping you transform your life and body through our five key pillars: Community, Accountability, Gratitude, Teamwork and Celebration of Success. We have the vision to use the code to help 30,000 people lose over 5kgs and keep it off forever.


Our mission is to break down barriers in the fitness industry, helping everyday people lose weight, gain confidence and push themselves to places they didn’t think possible.


In turn, they love the gym, the people in it and what it stands for.


    Our Mission 


    We are on a mission to change 30,000 lives through education and training, guiding them to lose body fat and feel amazing. 


    We want to break the mould of what gyms are thought of being a place for ‘fit’ people only. We welcome anyone who is willing to get involved and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.


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