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Code 5 is a gym for the community and with our vision to change 30,000 people's lives through training and education, we’ve realised how important physical health is in association with your mental health.


With an estimated 20% of Australians suffering from a mental or behavioural condition and the rising in mental health issues due to covid 19 and previous lockdowns, we knew it was important to help people still be able to join a gym that cares for its members rather than the cheapest option available.


That’s why we brought back the initiative to give 20 free members away this 2024.




These free memberships are going to people in need. We are looking for 20 people who fall into some or all of these categories:


    • Struggling financially.
    • Gone through or recovering from a time or crisis.
    • Someone who is always giving to others but never gives back to themselves.
    • Someone in need of support and health guidance.
    • Someone who needs a caring and kind community they can join to be a part of.


They will be supported and guided on their health and fitness journey and will remain completely confidential.


So if you or anyone you know is struggling financially but really needs a supportive gym to help them achieve their goals in 2024 please fill in the form and hit submit


PS: You can nominate someone or yourself, every entry will be taken seriously and valid.

    We’ve teamed up with lifeline this 2023 to help raise funds and awareness for the non-profit organisation. Lifeline provides a free 24hour telephone crisis support service. It’s run by volunteers who provide suicide prevention services, mental health support, and emotional assistance, not only by telephone but face-to-face and online.


    Code 5 Fitness conducted a trivia night last October 2023 and the event raised over $20,000 which is a significant boost for Lifeline Northern Beaches to continue providing local counseling services. As mentioned in the evening their counseling demand in the last five years has increased from 15 per month to now over 200. Lifeline Northern Beaches receive no government support for their face-to-face local counseling and is funded entirely from community support. The Sydney lockdown created a significant financial challenge for this service and to receive such support on Saturday from the Code 5 community was inspiring.


    To keep the donations growing, if you’re in a fortunate position and would like to donate please do so by the button below.


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