Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance YOU must keep moving. 69 - Premium Coaching Program

Get a personalised plan designed for your goals that factor in your work, social life, and family commitments. You’ll get monthly reviews to check progress and changes made accordingly. We will work on all aspects of your life to get better results in the gym and get you to your body transformation goal faster. If you want to take your results to the next level this program is for you.

Get monthly reviews of your progress, with structured coaching on:

Movement- daily activity and movement.
Nutrition - making small changes that have a big impact.
Training - Monthly session count and quality rating of your output.

All these will impact your overall goal so if you want additional accountability and guidance then the premium program is a no brainer in 2022! With most of the Australian population wanting a physical change (decreasing body fat and increasing MM) this is a great opportunity to get everything aligned and feel confident you have a plan that will work for you long term. It’s only $4 a week to take up this program and that will get you the accountability you need to achieve you body transformation goal.

When you PAY you pay ATTENTION…