Ever wondered why heart rate tracking is essential to athletes? Knowing your heart rate can help you set and achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, maximise your workouts, and take better care of your health.

Heart rate tracking gives you perspective for your target heart rate zone and your fitness progress in your fitness journey. Whether you’re an athlete or not, tracking your heart rate helps you train longer and better.

Awareness is a powerful tool and heart rate is an important indicator of your health. Your heart circulates oxygen and nutrient-rich blood in your body. Monitoring heart rate lets you know how well your other body parts are functioning, too.

Do you know your heart rate zones?

Different heart rate zones define the ideal heart rate for every activity. 

Your max heart rate (measured in beats per minute) is your top effort level which can be calculated by 220 minus your age. After knowing your max heart rate, you can get the target heart rate zone, usually at 50-85% of your max heart rate. 

Knowing your target heart rate zone helps you get the maximum benefits from your workout routine, track your health, and fitness level

Tracking your heart rate with Myzone Belt: heart rate chest straps and how they work

A popular, accurate heart rate tracker is the heart rate chest strap. It picks up electric signals generated by contractions of your heart. Wear it under clothing and make sure it has good contact with your skin. 

Our Myzone Belt is a heart rate monitor chest strap that checks all your physical activities in real-time. The straps are adjustable for a comfortable but secure fit across the centre of your chest.  

Myzone Belt uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor heart rate, calories burned, and exercise time. Use it on any of your workout session. See your progress and get daily guidance and motivational feedback.

Benefits of heart rate tracking

Whether it’s for tracking your fitness progress or planning an efficient exercise routine, heart rate tracking is useful and beneficial in several ways.

1. Keeps you accountable

Continuous heart rate tracking informs you the heart rate zone you are currently working in so you’ll know how to maintain and improve your workout and what your normal heart rate is after the session. 

Heart rates are steady to measure and you can use those numbers as a motivation to continue working out better. Tracking your heart rate helps you train safely and more effectively, too. You get the most out of your exercise even if you’re not under the guidance of a trainer. 

If you’ve slacked off for a few days, it might show up in your heart rate. But tracking your heart rate motivates you to become more responsible and consistent. Start getting only the best results by using a heart rate tracking device!

2. Know how hard you are working during your sessions (Heart rate zones)

Tracking your heart rate can help you find the correct workout intensity for your body. Identify your max heart rate then calculate your heart rate zones. Here’s a general look at what each zone represents:

50-60% of max heart rate (MHR): Low-intensity

  • Starting with this level will help you prepare to train in the higher heart rate zones.

60-70% of MHR: Light

  • In this heart rate zone, you can handle longer training time better. Your general endurance and muscular fitness will improve.

70-80% of MHR: Moderate

  • Improves blood circulation in the heart and skeletal muscles. It will be easier for you to improve your efficiency in this zone.

80-90 of MHR: Hard

  • Your speed endurance will improve and your body will get better at using carbohydrates for energy.

90-100% of MHR: Maximum

  • Heart, blood, and the respiratory system at the maximum level. Mostly used by professional athletes with interval training.

The simplest way to measure your heart rate zone is through a wearable heart rate tracker. The target heart rate zone, around 50-85% of your max heart rate, is what you should aim for during your training if you want to maintain a rigorous exercise routine. Remember that intensity and heart rate will differ for each person. 

Understand and plan your workout better with your heart rate in mind. A heart rate tracker gives you an objective measurement of your efforts and workout habits to prevent overtraining. Use the data collected to adapt your exercise routine. Once you start tracking, you have more control over the intensity of every workout.

3. Track calories burnt during sessions, burn more calories than you eat to lose weight

Most people assume that higher intensity workout is the best way to burn calories because of the calorie expenditure after each session. A better way to burn calories is to do moderate workouts since these are just as effective but far more sustainable in the long run. 

Working out in your fat-burning zone leads to weight loss as it taps into the fat stores for energy instead of your sugar or carbohydrate intake. The 60% to 70% of your max heart rate is your fat-burning zone and it goes lower as you age. 

Tracking your heart rate helps you assess how to burn calories and your body fat better. 

Heart rate trackers consistently measure the number of calories burned. Regular trackers usually monitor duration and distance but heart rate trackers consider the sex, weight, and intensity of your workout too. 

Myzone belt calculates the calories you burnt by examining these personal details and the intensity level of your routine to ensure that you get accurate feedback. Regularly update your weight on your tracker manually or use approved compatible Myzone scales to have a more precise measurement of your burnt calories. 

Get the most from your workout sessions. Understand and plan the proper exercise intensity for you by tracking your heart rate. Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your fitness level, monitoring your heart rate will help you get the results you want.

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