4 Training Tips To Burn More Calories

Burning calories fast and being fit is everyone’s gym goals.

Here’s a secret, you can burn more calories with the same or fewer gym hours. You only need to know how to maximize your training hours and choose more efficient workouts.

Below are the five training tips to burn more fat:


1. Pre-Workout Cardio


Pre-workout cardio preps your body for the real workout. It also amplifies fat loss in your workout.

How? Warming your muscles before your workout helps burn calories. This ranges from 50 to 150 calories depending on your pre-workout cardio intensity.


2. Choose High Intensity Interval Training


Cardio is best before you start your real workout but as the main workout, it has negligible effect in fat loss.

Instead of investing your gym hours in a workout that won’t help you shed fat, do high-intensity interval training. It outperforms traditional cardio in fat loss.

HIIT is a cycle of high intensity trainings with short intervals for rest. One amazing benefit of HIIT is your body will continue to burn more fat after training. HIIT is the most time-efficient strategy to improve health and fitness.

Learn more about HIIT here.


3. Shorten rest periods


Timing and intensity are everything to have an efficient workout. The amount of time you do your workout and the rest you take between sets can determine how much and how fast you gain muscle, strength, and shed fat.

Make no mistake that rest period is essential in any training. But if you want to raise your metabolism then progressively shave seconds off your rest periods. An exception to this rule is circuit training, which requires no rest between sets.


4. Focus On Big Movements


Although weight training burns fewer calories than cardio, it burns more fat.

Why? Building muscle is the key to increase your resting metabolism.

Big movements build more muscle than cardio workouts. Even at rest, these muscles burn more calories and fat even. Reports say resting metabolism stays elevated for up to 38 hours after weight training!

Code5 Pro-tip: Do your weight training in HIIT. Big movements in high intensity training burns more calories afterward.


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