5 keys to a successful body transformation

Take snapshots and make sure to track everything

Post your day one photos and continue with this habit by trying to post at least once every week, preferably on Monday. Do this to keep you motivated and encouraged. In the case where you are not too good at taking photos ask a friend or relative to help you out.

The photos you take should look like those shown below

  • Side view
  • Front view with your face forward
  • Back view with your back facing the camera

With the help of MyfitnessPal App, input how much weight you expect to lose every week, to track your daily calorie intake.

Rest and Recover to Sustain Progress

Resting is one part of the process of transformation that most people seem to take for granted, without realising that it is imperative to the overall success of the transformation procedure. A lot of individuals think that by pushing their bodies to the extreme day in day out, they are conditioning their body to a higher level of physicality in a much shorter time. This belief though substantiated is dangerous as such practice only tricks your body to learn to adapt to such impetuous habit.

The truth is that rest is crucial for healthy muscle growth, without rest muscle tissue has no time to recover from the strain imposed on it during exercise, which will eventually lead to fatigue. This proves that personal growth and improvement is not only influenced by only Gym workouts but also by your ingrain habits. Regimes like hard lifting and physical exertion are sure to stress the body, and even though there are nutritional supplements that could bolster your resistance to stress, it is usually not enough to make up for all the exercise effectuated pro-inflammatory processes and micro muscle tears.

Try as much as possible to maintain a schedule of 7-9 hours’ sleep every night, and don’t pass up on the chance to rest on non-working days.

Work Hard As hard work reaps dividends

It is common for individuals to get distracted in the gym, don’t let that be your case. When at the gym, do what brought you to the gym.  During gym sessions take the advice of your trainers seriously and with the aid of your Myzone belt ensure that you are working within the range of the prescribed intensity levels.

A workout regime that is treated with indifference will most often than not fail; it is important that you treat your sessions and exercise training with utmost importance. And don’t forget to take short breaks in between sessions to allow your body recover.

Keep Track of weekly Weight

In as much as exercise promises a substantial weight loss percentage, the process itself is not instantaneous, it takes up to 72 hours for your body to catch up and respond to impacts of training and diet modifications and even then the visible effects are often meagre. So if you are expecting a drastic change within a very short period, you are only putting yourself on a pedestal for disappointment.

This is why you should keep track of your weekly weight and not your daily weight, as your daily weight is subject to fluctuations and influence from a host of factors that include but not limited to bowel movements, water weight, and the time of the day.

Reassure yourself that you can do it

The process of transformation and weight loss is a daunting one that requires you to engage in a slow burning regime that gets tougher by the day.

It is most likely that you would experience challenges on the way. However, a positive outlook helps you to overcome these challenges and reach your long term goals.

In the event of your success, you are sure to be a source of inspiration to others, and your healthy habits and living will come off as contagious to your friends and family. So anytime it feels overwhelming just remember these facts and never assume something cannot be done without trying it out yourself.

Transform your body and invariably your life for the better, and memories of the past you shall flicker away, leaving you to a healthy and prosperous future.



  • Vichemont Herve
    Posted at 01:15h, 03 August

    My Goal to the End of the challenge is to reach the 10% Bodyfat and put 2 kg of Muscles Mass .It will work with the Help of the code5 Coaches Who guide me in the right Directions Specialy Tyrone who Give me program to reach my goal and Tahh ,Jack and JD who make me realise it’s not the Quantity of classes you do it’s whow Hard you worked on each one and the most important Resting for Recovery 💪💪