6 Tips That Will Help You Fall In Love With Fitness Again

People want an A+ body but their report card doesn’t have a passing grade, You need at least a passing grade in all your classes to have the body that you want.

A+ in all sections SLEEP, NUTRITION, SELF LOVE, MINDSET, and TRAINING you’ll be fitter, leaner physically, and mentally stronger than you thought possible.

If you describe yourself as a “beginner” in the gym or searching for personal training programs– I would read this before you even begin. Getting a personal trainer will help you but be sure to start with the basics & practice self-love along the journey.

Here are some tips for improving the way you look at your body and yourself so that you can be more confident and happy.


If you need to lose some weight, fix your sleeping habits. It helps with having a positive mood and conscious effort throughout the day, not just 5 minutes before bed. Exercising will make you feel good plus increase your energy. Be careful though, if you don’t get enough sleep you can’t perform when it comes time to train and you’ll struggle to sustain consistent energy levels. Once your energy is shot and under sleeping becomes normal you’ll crave sweet foods to give you that short-term boost. So so some basic study to improve your sleep and this will aid you in all aspect of your health.

Eat the right food

Reading labels on food packages is important for fat loss in terms of calories, protein, sugar, carbs, and serving size. learning how to read the ingredients can be scary so I always recommend scanning the barcode with the MyFitnessPal. It will give you a clear breakdown of what you’re about to eat.

Always remember whole foods are the way to go using your hand as an example: Your palm can be the protein source, your fingers can be the gain source & then our other hand can be the vegetable serving size. This is a rough guide but works well in maintaining your portion control.

Love yourself

Energy flows where intention goes. Be a happy positive person, practice gratitude and self-love, you’ll build confidence and be more consistent. We all know consistency is the key when it comes to your health. Remember to love the process & you’ll be on a never-ending journey of success. Simple tasks to try are writing down your goals, things you’re grateful for, and things you enjoy doing. Remember if you ever stray off track you can always get back on, It’s not over until you give up.

Do it one at a time

Instead of getting overwhelmed because there’s too much to focus on. Break it down and focus on one or two small goals to create a habit over time and then move to the next. For example, if you track your calories and they are not 100% that’s okay. Just get started and see how much you are overeating. Instead of beating yourself up just get started. Within the next few weeks, you will learn and slowly start to find it easier and areas you can work on, like increasing protein intake or new recipes you love that are also nutiritous.

Don’t over train

Exercise builds self-confidence and appreciation for your body’s power, endurance, and strength. Don’y over-train, doing 2-3 sessions a day purely out of guilt for 7 days a week leads to harm rather tan success in all different ways. Develop an enjoyable exercise program for you and you will get amazing results plus learn how to balance life while enjoying exercise. When you find true enjoyment and satisfaction suddenly things will seem a lot easier.

Have a community that will motivate you

Sharing your goals with a supportive team around you and having someone to keep you accountable will help you in achieving your goals. With Code 5 Fitness, you’re guaranteed a caring community that will support you during your learning and celebrates your wins.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial  or contact us here to get a glimpse of the Code5 experience.


Written by Helen Renner

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