Lose 5 Kg in 5 Safe and Easy Steps

Your goal in losing weight doesn’t just hit us one day, it creeps up after a number of bad experiences or situations where you were wishing you started earlier. Then there’s that ‘final straw’ moment that kick starts the weight loss journey.

There is no short cuts, pills or magic diets despite what ads tell you. It requires discipline, willpower and the motivation to last longer than a few weeks.

Here’s our five simple steps you can use to lose 5 kg, then repeat these actions consistently and you’ll stay fit, lean and healthy for life.

The key in this journey is to be religious in your goal, write it down every day- give yourself that motivation even on the rainiest & darkest of days. Gradual weightloss is always preferred as you learn the skills to keep it offer rather than being strict for a short term and not creating habits for long term success, this will lead to immediate weight gain and the yoyo effect. So use these tips to avoid that and lose weight the easy and safe way.


People need a little motivation to get started. Joining a gym is a great way to jump start your weight loss journey. Get yourself a coach to keep you motivated and accountable, built trust in each other with a goal to eventually end the coaching program and you can do it yourself. You’ll learn all the basics that will you in good sted for the rest of your life.


Doing exercise is not enough if you don’t change your diet. Focusing on switching to a smarter and healthier meals will assure you to lose the weight but also fuel your workouts. High fiber diet is highly recommended because not only does it clean your digestive tract, but it also keeps you full for longer hours. Track your meals with Myfitnesspal so there’s no confusion on how many calories you’re eating.


Weight training makes the major impact to weight loss. It burns calories tones your muscles while building new muscle cells as well. Doing weights burn more calories through the day even while you are at rest. It is advised to lift weights 3-4 times a week to get the best result. Plus it’s always better to grow on maintain muscle mass moving into each year we get older.


Several studies indicated that people who get less amount of sleep struggle to lose weight. It is recommended to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep daily. People who have enough sleep and proper rest have higher metabolism and are able to burn more calories throughout the day. It is good for one’s mental health and keeps the body ready for the next day.


Skip the public transport and put one your running shoes and walk. If your place of work, grocery or simply picking up your kids from soccer is just a few blocks away it is best to use that opportunity to walk. Walking can be beneficial especially for the heart. An hour of power walking can burn up to 500 calories, and it strengthens your muscles and bones, elevates your mood, and appreciate the scenery around you. Aim for 10km plus steps per day.

By following these steps you are on your way to losing 5 kg’s + and if you keep it up you’ll never put the weight back on.

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