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Using your recipe Books

Download your recipe books to add healthy meals that taste delicious into your diet. All of these meals are Code 5 approved.

Using Meal Plan Diary

We have created your meal plan diary to make preparation quicker while also ensuring you lose weight and body fat each week. At the start of the week plan each meal that you are having and enter it into MyfitnessPal(There is a video below if you are unsure of MyfitnessPal). Once you have entered each day write the Daily Calories you will be having and your daily protein % right-hand side. To lose weight and body fat, you need to stay at your calorie goal firstly and after that eat enough protein to maintain muscle while you’re adopting weight and body fat.

When using your meal planning diary write the weights and amounts of each food, so it is accurate in MyfitnessPal

At the bottom left-hand side of your page there’s a room to write your daily calorie goal (Daily X7) and also whether you have entered your meals in MyfitnessPal

Using your Shopping list

Once you have made your weekly meal plan, it is time to go shopping. Prior planning prevents poor performance when shopping so make sure you that when you go shopping you always have a shopping list.

Fill it out by breaking your daily meal plan into food groups and shopping by type of food. Use as much detail as you can so you are accurate.

Download our world famous 28-day transformation booklet.

In the booklet, we will cover your goal setting, training methods, nutrition, shopping and mindset hack.

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