Small, consistent improvement is the key to success

If you lose 200g per week consistently will mean you will lose over 10kg per year… Amazing right

Success in your health is all about being realistic and not beating yourself up if you don’t lose 1kg a week. At Code 5, we just want you to focus on getting that little bit better every week.

Make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle and not just a thing you do when you need to.

I had a chat with someone last week who was upset that they didn’t do well but she had lost 300g during the week. She was comparing her results to someone else in the 28-day challenge which is very dangerous.

“Your goal should be better than you were last week”

Jimi “Aim for weekly progress” Mcdonald

P.s I have seen more people give up training who have progressed because they wanted faster results. It breaks my heart to see people always chasing the quick fix. This is a marathon not a sprint. Be positive and happy with any progress you make, while always trying to improve each week.

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