What to Do When You’re Demotivated to Workout

Days come when lifting a single muscle doesn’t look exciting.

Feeling unmotivated is normal. It can be a sign that your body needs a break and needs to recharge. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to give up working out altogether.

Instead of thinking, “Why am I feeling lazy to workout?” ask yourself, “What should I do to motivate myself to workout?” Here are 7 workout hacks to rebuild your motivation.

Change your exercise routine.

Doing the same thing over and over again removes the fun and is not beneficial for anyone. You’re not getting the benefits of other workouts, and it gets tiring and boring. Try variations, classes and challenges designed to move you through different routines.

Consult your gym trainer for suggestions. They can provide workout suggestions that will suit your body type and fitness goals.

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Reinvent your workout playlist.

According to Dr. Costas Karageorghis of London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education, “Music is a legal drug for athletes.”  His study found 3 ways music influences our exercising progress:

    • To move in sync with the beat of the music
    • The melody and beat increases the desire to move instead of being idle
    • Music distracts the exerciser from feeling discomfort

Create different playlists for each workout day. Don’t overplay “Eye of the Tiger”  or it may lose its power. Spotify, iTunes and YouTube are your musical fitness playgrounds, so explore.

Announce that you’re going to the gym.

Declare it on social media. Tell everyone at home. The more your reputation is at stake, the more pressure there’ll be. You’ll be pushed to hit the gym to keep your word.

Remind yourself WHY you’re exercising.

Go back to the WHY of your fitness journey. Why am I working out? Is it to lose weight? To gain more muscles? To strengthen your immune system? To maintain your weight? If I quit working out, will I be satisfied? Rekindle the flame of your workout routine, and you’ll be blazing in the gym again.

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Reward yourself after every workout.

A massage, an hour of reading your favourite book, shopping, a long bath – it doesn’t matter what it is. What do you love doing? Put it at the end of a workout to turn it into a conditional reward.  

Break down your workout hours.

Thinking about the long hour of workout can be overwhelming for some, and they end up ditching the workout plan for the day.

For example, your original goal is to finish a 40-minute session at the gym. Set yourself to accomplish 20 minutes of workout first. After that, convince yourself to go for another 20 minutes. You’ll be feeling so great at achieving two smaller goals!

Ask for help.

Exercising alone can be overwhelming. Planning your workout routines, monitoring your progress and evaluating your results can be too much for one person to handle.

Need help? Go to the gym, where people with the same goals flock together to shed some sweat. Fitness trainers there can help you accomplish your goals and monitor your progress, too. Other gym-goers can provide you tips and advice for your future workouts.

Rebuild your workout motivation the Code5 way

The gym is a perfect tribe to help you stay accountable to your fitness goals, where you get an unlimited dose of motivation, self-discipline, focus, balanced workout routines, fitness tips and advice.

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